Metal Roof & Floor Trusses

Atlantic Prefab is dedicated to providing high-quality cold-formed steel roof and floor truss systems. Through our experienced team of sales, design, and production personnel we have successfully supplied projects all over the east coast.

Truss Installation

Strong, durable, and lightweight, cold-formed steel

has become the preferred choice in commercial construction, allowing a wide range of applications and design capabilities. Our truss systems are designed with a cee section configuration, typically with no web bracing required, and with pre-attached connection clips, minimizing the amount of work necessary in the field to install the truss systems. Our goal is to simplify and expedite the construction and installation process, offering value engineering options with prefabrication ideas to assist our customers in shortening the construction schedule.

Key Benefits

  • Systems are designed to dramatically shorten installation time
  • All components are included for a complete installation
  • Certified by our Licensed Structural Engineers
  • Cee section trusses are easily integrated into other framing applications
  • Meets UL: P515, P524, & P541
  • 3D Building Modeling

  • Full Truss Structural Analysis

  • Member Design Per Latest AISI Specification

  • Installation Docs Include Perm. Bracing.

  • All Conditions Accurately Detailed

  • Layouts and Detailing Certified By Our Structural Engineers

  • Responsive & Reliable Engineering Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Aren't CEE Section Trusses much heavier than the competition's proprietary truss systems?

A: Depending on the application, they may be 10% – 15% heavier. However, that is attributed to the fact that our trusses require far less bracing. Less bracing equates to a quicker install and most cost-effective price from the labor contractor

Q: Does Atlantic Prefab provide miscellaneous items such as bracing, bent plates, soffits, and etc?

A: We know what it takes to fully and responsibly design and supply a roof truss system. By default, our Base Pricing includes whatever structural components are necessary to install a complete truss system. Fascia plates, hip and valley plates, in-fill rafter framing, soffit framing, and etc. are included. No confusing or hidden ADD / ALTS to make you think you have found the lowest number.

Q: Aren’t cee section trusses difficult to make truss to truss connections?

A: A.P.I.’s Designers have been designing Cee section trusses for over 20 years. The methods used have been field tested and installer approved time and time again. We know how to do it and DO IT RIGHT!

Q: Why should I use Atlantic Prefab trusses over the competition?

A: At Atlantic Prefab, we pride ourselves on going the extra distance to design our systems to what makes the most sense for the installer. This will allow for a safe and efficient installation of our truss system, all while meeting the structural and architectural requirements. The competition focuses on their bottom line… not yours.

Q: Will Atlantic Prefab’s truss system meet my project spec?

A: Absolutely! Specifications are primarily based on industry-standard Cee sections manufactured by the same manufacturers we purchase our raw materials from. Purchasing standard Cee sections in a commodity-type environment allows us to provide our customers with the advantage.

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