Exterior Envelope Wall Panels


Exterior envelope panels, or EEP's, are a cutting edge construction method which streamlines the construction and management of a building's exterior envelope. By utilizing various systems incorporated into a single sourced assembly, EEP methodology decreases construction schedules while simplifying the management and coordination of several trades. As an added benefit, general condition costs are greatly reduced and the owner's 'Time to ROI' is also significantly reduced.

  • Alleviates todays on-site labor shortage
  • Cost effective alternative for high on site labor costs
  • Superior quality over most on-site applications
  • Encompasses up to seven CSI Spec Sections and four trades in to one complete assembly
  • Reduces schedule by up to two months on an average two story 20,000 sf building
  • Ideal for winter construction
  • Expedites critical path and time to dry-in
  • Favored for design build construction methods
  • Fabrication continues efficiently during inclement weather

Typical Primary Components of an EEP System

  • Exterior framing
  • Exterior sheathing
  • Weather barrier
  • Exterior continuous insulation

Typical Secondary Components of an EEP System

  • Furring system
  • Pre-installed windows
  • Exterior finishes